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Mania Dub


Digging up old anthems from the depths of dub & roots history, our latest imprint (2018) is a collaboration between Music Mania shop owner Karel Van Audenaerde and the renown UK Indica Dubs label. With various reissues by Alpha & Omega (inc. a new volume in the legendary Dubs Series) Disciples & Vibronics, the new imprint provides a steady flow of heavy dub tunes. 

MD001 DISCIPLES - Almighty Dub / Zion Rock Dub 10inch

Music Mania and Indica Dubs present their first joint-release in their Mania Dub series. Produced in 1988 by The Disciples, "Almighty Dub" is one of the most distinctive instrumental dubs produced in that era. "Zion Rock Dub" was recorded around the same time and with fairly much the same equipment with the exception of a new keyboard which had an inbuilt sequencer with flute synth sounds.

MD002 ALPHA & OMEGA -  Rastafari / Words Of Thy Mouth 10inch

Music Mania and Indica Dubs present the next release in their Mania Dub series. Following the classic Almighty Dub (MD001), comes another of the UK dub scene's most renowned producers: Alpha & Omega, with one of their most popular "Shaka Killer" classics from 1996: Rastafari. The tracks have been remastered to sound to their full potential! 

MD003 BUSH CHEMISTS - Light Up Your Spliff LP

Music Mania and Indica Dubs is proud to present the third release in their Mania Dub series. Following the classics Almighty Dub (MD001) and Rastafari (MD002) comes another of the UK Dub scene's most renowned producers; The Bush Chemists, with one of their most popular anthems from 1996: Light Up Your Spliff. Douglas Wardrop began creating music using a 4-track recorded in 1989, before forming The Bush Chemists in 1993 with Paul Davey and Culture Freeman. "The idea for it came from me getting a sampler and trying to sample a documentary where the guy in the document was DJing/chanting 'light up ya spliff light up ya chalice' but it couldn't fit so I got Freeman to do it." The title track "Light Up Your Spliff" has broken into the commercial world and has been used by many leading companies for their commercials, most recently by Supreme, known worldwide known for skating and clothing. The rest of the LP consists of vocal tracks followed by instrumental tracks, these are the leading tracks which shaped the UK dub scene into what it is today. The master tracks have been provided by Douglas Wardrop to endure the original sound. 

MD004 VIBRONICS - Red, Gold & Green / Terror 10inch

Music Mania and Indica Dubs are proud to present the fourth release in their Mania Dub series, Red, Gold & Green/Terror. This volume features Vibronics, with two of their most popular anthems from the early 2000s, "Red, Gold & Green" and "Terror". Vibronics are at the forefront of the UK dub scene, with over sixty releases on their own legendary SCOOPS label. Stevie Splitz features on horns on "Red, Gold & Green".

MD005 ALPHA & OMEGA - Hands Up High / Rootical Dub 10inch

Music Mania and Indica Dubs is proud to present the next release in their Mania Dub series. Following multiple classic re-issues, we now bring you two freshly produced dubplates on a 10” by UK Dub innovators; Alpha & Omega. Taken from the forthcoming LP/CD  "Dub Plate Selection Vol. 3". Alpha & Omega are a Roots/Dub duo that mix both analogue and digital elements, comprising bassist Christine Woodbridge and keyboard player John Sprosen. They began working together in the mid-1980’s and issued their debut home-recorded cassette in 1988.

Both tracks Hands Up High & Rootical Dub will be found on the brand new forthcoming Dub Plate Selection Vol. 1 LP. This dubplate 10" comes with extra exclusive Dub mixes, for serious sound system addicts!

MD006 ALPHA & OMEGA - Dubplate Selection Vol. 3 

- LP ltd colored white vinyl incl download (music mania exclusive)

- LP incl download (regular black vinyl)

- CD version

Music Mania and Indica Dubs presents the next release in their Mania Dub series. Following multiple classic re-issues, Mania Dub now bring you a long awaited freshly produced album by UK dub innovators Alpha & Omega, Dubplate Selection Vol. 3. As the duo explains, "We have always done alternative mixes for sound systems. We had enough good ones to make an album so that's why we released Dubplate Selection Vol. 1 (1995). As we released more albums we had more dubplates to release. We've had a long gap but after our recent releases we felt it was about time for Dubplate Selection Vol. 3. It includes mixes from the last three albums". 

This album gives us an unique warm timeless electronic dubwise sound blended with melodica, inspired by Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Scientist, Lee Perry, .... killer UK Dub album!

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