Steiger is a piano trio, but not in the classical sense. With their versatile style, influenced by different musical genres such as jazz, rock, pop, classical and electronic music, they try to find a balance between composition and improvisation. It’s an evident choice of the band to search for different ways to express these musical contrasts, e.g. by experimenting with acoustic as well as electronic elements.

The music -sometimes fixed, sometimes completely free- takes on an ever-changing journey into their multi-faceted world.

The musicians all have a jazz background. Moreover, their studies at different music schools across Belgium (Ghent, Antwerp) and Scandinivia (Göteborg, Copenhagen) have broadened their perspective on listening, practicing and playing different musical genres as well as helped them approach music more sensuously.

Steiger is unique in its own way, but at the same time very aware of their position among all the interesting contemporary jazz/crossover bands in Belgium such as STUFF., De Beren Gieren, Nordmann, LABtrio, Black Flower, SCHNTZL and many others.

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