Mojo Club

Legendary German compilation-series of 50s to 70s soul, jazz and swing songs for the dancefloor!

Founded in 1989 and relocated to the Reeperbahn in 1991, the Mojo Club developed to be one of the leading lights of Hamburg nightlife, with an international reputation. With its characteristic “M”-logo, the club became the continental stage for the progressive London club sounds during the 1990s.

The Mojo Club may be seen as the German voice of Dancefloor Jazz and a mastermind regarding modern breakbeat sounds like Acid Jazz, a combination of funk & jazz, combined with hiphop-beats & latin-rythms.  Originated in the late eighties from the club revival of old jazz and funk records (rare grooves).

The successful club compilations “Dancefloor Jazz” became known over the years.

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