Hannes 'Dance Dept' Best Of 2020

It's never easy to choose favorites when it comes to music, so much good stuff to discover year after year, but here it is: a small selection of some of the essential releases that came to mind when reflecting on this very strange year... Some released in 2020, but also some rediscoveries from previous years that I didn't want to leave out.

I'd like to elaborate on one release specifically that emerged at the last moment of the year and quite quickly my absolute favourite of 2020: Far Out Radio Systems with 'On Boolean Plains'!

Far out it is indeed! An amazingly versatile electronic album by Thomas Neyens who made some lovely tunes in the past as 'Kiani and his legion', but has really outdone himself with this outrageously good double LP on 'Something Happening Somewhere', a great little label from the city of Utrecht. Going from ambient and IDM to distorted acid house / techno and sounding very unique, deep and pure. This one will stay in my bag for the years to come for sure and I'd like to recommend it to anyone with the slightest love for electronic music, or actually every music lover in general... This one is here to stay!

To finish, I'd also like to add an upcoming favourite:

Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997, celebrating the 50th release of the amazing Music From Memory with a stellar line-up indeed. Quite essential I'd say!

So, happy NY to all of you, let's finish this hell of a year, and may we dance again to all this beautiful music in 2021!

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