24 Apr 2020

No better escape than music, right? The coming weeks Music Mania will publish short Q&A's with Belgian musicians and people from 'the scene'. Main objective: supporting our local scene and getting to know some new music whilst doing so.  

Disco infused one-man project Willy Organ’s universe expands from his bouncy pop-music to the visual world - in his self-made music videos, he creates a strong 80s aesthetic that is oh-so-coherent with his songs.

1) What new record you recently bought blew you away?

Not ‘one’ record, but I was able to get David Allan Coe's discography for a bargain at a record store in Aalst. Coe is a legendary outlaw in the states and a fantastic singer. Nobody else seems to know him on this side of the ocean, except maybe for Christophe Vekeman. Fine by me. 

2) Which record is intertwined inseparably with Music Mania for you? 

A lot of my roots reggae and dub, but also quite a bit of prog rock. I choose: Mikey Dread - African Anthem and Amon Düül II: Tanz Der Lemminge.

3) Let’s go back into time. The annual holidays with your parents, a long and warm drive to the South of France. Which tape or cd was on repeat for hours in the car?

As a child I remember: Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey and many Trash Metal cassettes that I could borrow from my uncle Dimitri. (Testament, Kreator, etc ...)

n 2014 I also went to France with my parents:

Mac De Marco - Salad Days.

Then also: The War On Drugs - Lost in the dream. But my father didn’t like it and told me: "it's constantly the same, wannabe Springsteen."

Bought Earl Sweatshirt - Doris at a Fnac in Bordeaux.

4) Sunday morning, breakfast & coffee: what would be the first record you put the needle on?

If not alone at home: CSNY - Déjà Vu or Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby.

When home alone: ​​Metallica - The Black Album of I Love Retro Vol 3.

6) Which Belgian record do you cherish the most?

Wim De Craene - Kraaknet

7) What record is still missing from the shelves of your collection?

My collection is not necessarily very precious as a whole. Many of my favorite records, for example, I only have on CD. There are a lot of records I would better sell in order to buy more ‘good’ stuff. 

8) Which record stands out for its remarkable artwork?

Remarkable as in 'ugly as fuck': Pete Townshend - Scoop just like his successor: "Another Scoop"

Remarkable as in iconic: Donald Fagen - The Nightfly & Wire - Pink Flag

9) Could you enlighten us with some ‘staying in tips’? 

  • Just try to think very far ahead.
  • wash your hands.
  • It is a good time to reflect
  • read a good book
  • be gentle with yourself and each other.
  • Feel good because you barely emit CO2.
  • Shop locally.
  • Make music, unless you've been trying for years and still can't get 3 straight notes out of your violin one after another: Stop it.

10) What will be the first thing you’ll be doing after this social distancing adventure? 

Difficult question. it will not be overnight. I think to visit my parents.

My mom will set up "Gladys Knight & The Pips: Midnight Train to Georgia" anyway and drink everyone under the table.

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