14 Apr 2020

No better escape than music, right? The coming weeks Music Mania will publish short Q&A's with Belgian musicians and people from 'the scene'. Main objective: supporting our local scene and getting to know some new music whilst doing so.  

Musician and visual artist Jan Verstraeten appeared with a bang with debut EP Cheap Dreams, released in 2019.  Self-described as "cheap Disney music", his sound is difficult to capture into words - but cinematic influences are persistent within a broader indie-pop landscape.

Check out Jan's work here. 

1) What new record you recently bought blew you away?

 2) Which record is intertwined inseparably with Music Mania for you?

Me and my girlfriend are always joking that we are going to start a band ‘the bleeders’. And all our songs will be about girls having their period. One time she sent me the cover of the Last splash and wrote ‘the bleeders’ on it. On Christmas I saw the record in Music Mania and bought it for her. Happy New year <3

 3) Let’s go back into time. Te annual holidays with your parents, a long and warm drive to the South of France. Which tape or cd was on repeat for hours in the car?

My grandma use to save a lot of small change in a jar. When it was full she gave it to me. I bought my first records with it. There was a very long line in the music shop. The shop keeper was pissed because it took a long time to count all the money. 

 4) Sunday morning, breakfast & coffee: what would be the frst record you put the needle on?

 5) You, a record player and a room full of music connoisseurs: which record do you put on?

 6) Which Belgian record do you cherish the most?

 I can’t choose:

 7) What record is still missing from the shelves of your collection?

 8) Which record stands out for its remarkable artwork?

Watkin Jones and Yolandi Visser started the band because they got inspired by Roger Ballen. He works and lives in the African bronx. Where he films people that got abandoned from society. I’m not a big fan of Roger Ballen himself, more of the people he photographs. People that are just drawing and making things in rough places without any influences from the outside world. 

 9) Could you enlighten us with some ‘staying in tips’? 

 Burn your television, swallow your opinions. Make love and make love. 

 10) What will be the first thing you’ll be doing after this social distancing adventure? 

 Hide under my bed because streets will be filled again with people. 

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