04 May 2020

No better escape than music, right? The coming weeks Music Mania will publish short Q&A's with Belgian musicians and people from 'the scene'. Main objective: supporting our local scene and getting to know some new music whilst doing so.  

It is not only his past as a sculptor that differentiates Brihang from other rappers of the flemish scene. His particular sensitivity and tendency to ponder on the small but also bigger questions in life breathe out of the Knokke native's honest yet lyrical texts. 

Through his debut album zolangmogelijk (2016) and latest release Casco (2019), Brihang has already established himself as a trailblazer for a new generation of Belgian rappers that want to include the knick-knacks of everyday life into their writing. 

1) What new record you recently bought blew you away?

Eddy De Pretto, French chansons but with a "hip hop" approach.

2) Which record is intertwined inseparably with Music Mania for you?

Spinvis - Dagen van Gras, Dagen van stro.  Was searching for that specific record, ended up buying all of his records..  

3) Let’s go back into time. The annual holidays with your parents, a long and warm drive to the South of France. Which tape or cd was on repeat for hours in the car?

There were four children in our family, so the easiest way out for my parents was just not to play music. For me personally, Nick Cave always does well in a car. 

4) Sunday morning, breakfast & coffee: what would be the first record you put the needle on?

Eefje De Visser always does the trick for me. 

5) You, a record player and a room full of music connoisseurs: which record do you put on?

Willem Vermandere - ik plantte ne keer patatten.

6) Which Belgian record do you cherish the most?

Stikstof - Overlast. A true turning point for Belgian hip-hop. 

7) What record is still missing from the shelves of your collection?

I am not really a collector, I only buy albums that I listen to, so not really anything at the moment.

8) Which record stands out for its remarkable artwork?

Everything from STUFF. is always on point! 

9) Could you enlighten us with some ‘staying in tips’? 

I have a problem with double vinyl, you have to turn your record too much. So a tip to the musicians: make shorter albums (LOL).

10) What will be the first thing you’ll be doing after this social distancing adventure? 

Hug it out! 

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