Plaatbarak #10 - DJ Rock M’sieur

Plaatbarak #10 - DJ Rock M’sieur

06 Sept 2019

So, tonight it's round ten of the Music Mania curated DJ sets at Monterey (Citadelpark, next to the Kiosk). Up this week is DJ Rock M'sieur. We did a little interview with Stefan and you can read it right here!

  1. What new record you recently bought blew you away?

    ROB (Funky Rob Way).  It was reissued in March by both Mr. Bongo records and Analogue Africa and I liked it so much that I've bought both reissues.  I didn't know it as I'm not really into afrobeat but as the hype sticker mentions it one of the most sought-after records from 70s Africa due to its unique blend of driving funk and raw soul.  I checked for the Original on Discogs and at that time there was 1 for sale for no less than 2000€!

  2. Which record is intertwined inseperably with Music Mania for you?

    Througout the years there are several records that were recommended to me or which I heard the first time in the Music Mania shop.  One that really stands out is "World Music" by Goat.  I understand some people can't stand their sound or the singer's voice but if you're into psychedelic music, fuzz guitars and heavy African percussion you should certainly give it a try!

  3. Which tape or cd was on repeat for hours in the car (annual holiday's)?

    To be honest I don't remember...  When I was a teenager I copied songs from the Belgian charts on a cassette (like a mixtape) so I can imagine that this was often played in my dad's car.  On the other hand the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever" was often played at our house and the instrumental funky tracks (which are less known) didn't dissappear from my memory so I might play one of those tracks too during my set at Monterey.

  4. Sunday morning, breakfast & coffee: what would be the first record you put the needle on?

    "Sunday Morning" by The Velvet Underground & Nico.

  5. You, a record player and a room full of music connoisseurs: which record do you put on?

    Again a difficult question but I'll put on "No Doubt" by One Tongue.

  6. Which Belgian record do you cherish the most?

    One of my most expensive records: "1000 duizend titels" by de Belgian postpunk/New wave band De Kommeniste.  The record comes in a blank sleeve with a blue stamp and a handwritten different subtitle for each of the 1000 copies (of the first pressing).

  7. What record is still missing from the shelves of your collection? 

    As I collect all soundtracks of Quentin Tarantino (and David Lynch) movies I'm currently waiting for the soundtrack of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood".

  8. Which record stands out for its remarkable artwork?

    Again "World Music" by Goat.  It comes as a coloured vinyl in a diecut sleeve where the letters W and M are repeatedly cut out on the sleeve.  The inner sleeve can be turned to have a different look.  Very nice package!

  9. What record will be the highlight of your set of Monterey?  And why?  

    Should remain a surprise so come and listen!

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