Music Mania Records is the biggest independent record store in Belgium. Founded back in 1969, Music Mania has always been more than a shop. In addition to the physical store, Music Mania also runs three labels: Music Mania Records, Mania Dub & Music Mania Reprise. Where MM Records mainly focusses on unreleased Belgian work, Mania Dub releases reggae and dub, Reprise digs up old, more classic, often sought after releases. In 2016 Music Mania co-launched STROOM Records, together with DJ Nosedrip. To this day STROOM is still being pushed by the store. 

This is all accompanied by a series of events, performances and in-store events, all to help create a strong musical scene in Ghent. In the store you’ll find records from across the spectrum, from jazz, blues and folk, to disco, synth wave, cosmic, Afro-funk and practically every sub-genre in between.

Alongside a steady flow of second hand vinyl sourced from the US as much as Europe, Music Mania also keeps on top of contemporary dance music and the burgeoning reissue market.


  • Democrazy
  • Gent Jazz
  • Pukkelpop
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