Belgian collective located in Antwerp with Stef Kamil Carlens as artistic leader and musical director. The band has many connections with theatre, visual arts, dance and literature. Zita Swoon is the continuation of the bands A Beatband and Moondog Jr.. Moondog Jr. had to change their name after the US artist Louis T. Hardin (Moondog) had filed a lawsuit against the so-called use of this name. Moondog Jr. became then Zita Swoon.

Limited edition 180 gram audiophile vinyl Gatefold sleeve Printed Innersleeves. Brewed In Belgium.



  • 1.She = Like Meeting Jesus
  • 2.Ragdoll Blues
  • 3.Still Half My Friend?
  • 4.The Rabbit Field


  • 1.Song For A Dead Singer
  • 2.One Perfect Day
  • 3.About The Successful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Named Maria
  • 4.Our Daily Reminders


  • 1.My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!
  • 2.Stamina
  • 3.50 Years In Dope Jittery
  • 4.The French Trombone


  • 1.Best Wishes To Everybody
  • 2.Ragdoll Blues, Another Version
  • 3.The Night I Was Going To Die
  • 4.6th Night
  • 5.How Can I Resist Kissing Her On The Cheeks?
  • 6.Hi-Ho Bar Waltz
  • 7.Natalie Laughs
  • 8.Greetings From Waikiki
  • 9.I Need New Animals


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