After some solo excursions into souly hip hop influenced and lo-fi indie rock records as J. Bernhard, Warhaus and Zimmerman, Balthazar is back with a new album that sounds more adventurous and playful then before. That new playfulness reveals itself in pulsating synthesizers, African percussion, techno beats, atmospheric sound scapes and oriental sounding string arrangements.

With a new album with an exciting new sound and a new tour on the way after a 4-year break Balthazar is back for real.

Black vinyl version - with download code.



  • 1.Fever
  • 2.Changes
  • 3.Wrong Faces
  • 4.Whatchu Doin'
  • 5.Phone Number


  • 1.Entertainment
  • 2.I'm Never Gonna Let You Down Again
  • 3.Grapefruit
  • 4.Wrong Vibration
  • 5.Roller Coaster
  • 6.You're So Real

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