Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung is a Belgian modern classical folk band formed in in 1992 in Antwerp. Started as a quartet of 4 classically trained musicians: Brothers Buni Lenski (violin), Simon Lenski (cello), Han Stubbe (clarinet) and Roel van Camp (accordion), later adding pianist and composer Adrian Lenski (the eldest brother of the Lenski family) and drummer Janek Kowalski. 

Renowned on the European festival and jazz circuits for their virtuoso live performances, their music fuses pop, eastern-european folk and classical music, with jazz and punk attitude.

Touring extensively, their first independent release enjoyed some success in the Benelux countries and lead to a record deal with Sony Classical in 1997. But the partnership enjoyed limited success and after two albums, they agreed to part ways.

In May 2002 DAAU returned to their independent roots and set up their own label Radical Duke Entertainment, continuing to tour and release new material. 

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