Next superbe compilation by Psychemagik. 

Having wowed critics and crate-diggers alike with 2012’s acclaimed Magik Cyrkles compilation, Psychemagik are now ready to unleash the follow-up, Magik Sunrise. Bristling with psychedelic, cosmic and curiously Balearic oddities hand-picked from the depths of their vast record collections, Magik Sunrise is, if anything, even more inspired that its predecessor. 

For Magik Sunrise, the Kent-based duo has dug even deeper into the dusty corners of their record vault, deep in the Cosmic Forest. The result is another inspired, 15-track collection that gleefully skips between all manner of forgotten gems and little-known nuggets, occasionally stopping to acclaim an otherwise unknown track orartist. 

Off-kilter African reggae (Max Adioa) nestles side by side with eyes-closed deep-jazz funk (Rob Mehl, George Oban), while the stoned, Balearic prog rock of Jeff Liberman jostles for position with the Steve Miller Band-on-valium goodness of Fox’s “The Juggler”. Then there’s the Roxy Music-ish grooves of Joey Newman, the drifting new age ambience of Iasos (whose “Formentera Sunset Clouds”, from the 1975 album “Inter-Dimensional Music”, is a highlight) and the folksy bliss of Yves Simon. 

Artists originally ignored first time round, such as Daniel Mathieu, Cherubin, Susana Estrada and Steve & Teresa, are given a place in the spotlight. In fact, Leng spent a considerable amount of time tracking down each artist, allowing them to tell their stories, give the inside history of each track and relive their musical adventures – however previously obscure or overlooked. 


  • 1.Formentera Sunset Clouds04:32
  • 2.C'Etait Un Beau Dimanche02:37
  • 3.The Juggler03:16
  • 4.Metropolis06:16
  • 5.Catching A Wave03:40
  • 6.Sunrise03:15
  • 7.Raconte-Toi03:51
  • 8.¡Gózame Ya!02:50
  • 9.The One You Love05:08
  • 10.House On The Rock03:27
  • 11.Basshoven06:48
  • 12.Tension03:03
  • 13.Transformation03:30
  • 14.Safe And Sound03:52
  • 15.Toubab Bilé (Inst. Version)04:04
  • 1.Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunrise59:59


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