The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas
classic second Madlib alter ego 2lp

The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas


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Stones Throw Records
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Quasimoto is a side project of hip hop producer Madlib, from Oxnard, California. Quasimoto is composed of Madlib and his animated alter ego Lord Quas, known for his high pitched, comedic voice, which sounds as if he has inhaled helium. Lord Quas is an exaggerated caricature of a gangster rapper, with lyrical subjects frequently including references to violence and drug use, and he has been seen as a parody of the content of typical hip-hop music. Another notable characteristic of Quasimoto's sound is the interplay between Quas' voice and Madlib's voice. Quasimoto was conceived one day in the studio, when Madlib decided to rap to his own beats. Madlib did not like the sound of his voice (his friends in Oxnard call him 'Barry White' in reference to his deep voice) so he decided to slow his recorder down, rap slowly, then speed the recording back up to produce Lord Quas' distinctive high pitched sound.

"Peace to all those down with this Lost Gates shit. Welcome to Violence."-Lord Quas.



  • 1.Bullyshit03:07
  • 2.Greenery03:14
  • 3.Crime01:20
  • 4.Hydrant Game03:25
  • 5.Don't Blink02:06
  • 6.Players Of The Game02:35


  • 1.Bus Ride02:58
  • 2.Closer03:02
  • 3.Maingirl04:01
  • 4.Bartender Say02:46
  • 5.199402:22
  • 6.Another Demo Tape01:46


  • 1.Raw Deal02:17
  • 2.Mr. Two-Faced01:34
  • 3.The Exclusive02:36
  • 4.Fatbacks03:51
  • 5.J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)01:54
  • 6.Shroom Music (Champion Bound)02:35


  • 1.Strange Piano02:28
  • 2.Life Is...02:19
  • 3.The Clown (Episode C)02:59
  • 4.Raw Addict Pt. 202:34
  • 5.Tomorrow Never Knows02:39
  • 6.Privacy01:36


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