Paul's Boutique
full print inner sleeve in the 8 Panel-fold-jacket. Amazing package. Classic album!

Paul's Boutique

Beastie Boys

€ 29,95
  • LP
Capitol Records, Beastie Boys Records
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20th Anniversary Edition 180 gram Vinyl + digital download card to access bonus audio band commentary. Sticker on shrink of this release reads "20th Anniversary Edition". Released 1989.

Masterpiece of Hip Hop, made of samples and breaks ( Beatles, Johnny Cash, E.L.O, Afrika Bambaataa, Meters, Led Zeppelin, Tower Of Power, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Commodores, Kool and The Gang and many others...).Light years ahead of the rest of hip hop productions in the same period and it does not suffice to be innovative and alternative even today. A milestone and inspiration for artists coming after, great production.

Beastie Boyrs is an American hip hop band formed in New York in 1981 as a hardcore punk combo. After the success of their first hip hop track, "Cooky Puss" in 1983, they turned into a rap group that sometimes include punk rock tracks in their albums. From 1992 to 2001, they ran the Grand Royal label. The band officially stopped in June 2014, following the death of Adam Yauch in 2012. 


  • 15.B-Boy Bouillabaisse12:34


  • 1.To All The Girls01:29
  • 2.Shake Your Rump03:19
  • 3.Johnny Ryall03:00
  • 4.Egg Man02:57
  • 5.High Plains Drifter04:13
  • 6.The Sounds Of Science03:11
  • 7.3-Minute Rule03:39
  • 8.Hey Ladies03:47


  • 1.5-Piece Chicken Dinner00:23
  • 2.Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun03:28
  • 3.Car Thief03:39
  • 4.What Comes Around03:07
  • 5.Shadrach04:07
  • 6.Ask For Janice00:11


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