Fashion Is A Dirty Word
Reissue of cult 1987 Belgian innovative synth project by Alain Neffe (Cortex) & Nadine Bal. Tip!

Fashion Is A Dirty Word

Bene Gesserit

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  • LP
Domani Sounds
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The first official reissue of BeNe GeSSeRit's, Fashion Is A Dirty Word composed by Belgian legends Alain Neffe and Nadine Bal and originally released on Dave Henderson's Dead Man's Curve label in 1987. Now re-issued with fresh new artwork on Brooklyn's Domani Sounds.

Somewhere somebody is dancing in black and white silence, crying to a thumping beat. The sound that is creeping up behind them is BeNe GeSSeRiT. The project of Belgian innovators and couple, Alain Neffe (who has been running cult label Insane Music for decades) and Nadine Bal, BeNe GeSSeRiT land equally between dance music, sound collage and digital séance. Beyond the countless alias' of the Neffe empire, Alain is credited to putting out bands such as Algebra Suicide, Merzbow, and others like those in his compilations, "Insane Music for Insane People" on his Insane Music imprint.

Featuring some songs fueled by an 80s dance floor sensibility and others so far away and isolating they dare you to try to dance. Many of the tracks are so unrecognizable they don't register as songs, just flashes of sound accompanied by titles ripped right from the pages of a southern novel, and vocal performances just as haunting. The sounds on Fashion is a Dirty Word are still as foreign and captivating as they were when they were originally released in '87. Like a strange land slide into an indistinguishable future past, gathered here as one.

Historical and archive recordings of BeNe GeSSeRiT have been previously released on Minimal Wave, EE Tapes, Walhalla, Cherry Red, and Stroom. Now Domani Sounds proudly presents the classic Fashion is a Dirty Word as their debut release.



  • 1.Gloria04:02
  • 2.I Had Taken A Few Minutes To Go Into A Bar And Get A Drink Before I Went Back00:22
  • 3.Kidnapping 03:38
  • 4.I Could Feel A Pulse Hammering In My Throat And A Tightness Across My Groin 00:39
  • 5.The Room Had Faded From Her Mind, And All The Things She Now Held Dear Were Yet To Come01:15
  • 6.Joyeux Poème!01:50
  • 7.Il Serait Peut-Être Judicieux Que Je Me Rende Chez Un De Ces Médecins Appelés Dentistes00:44
  • 8.You Can Dance It, If You Want!03:44
  • 9.She Was Never So Beautiful As Then, Her Face Furrowed With Small Lines Of Worry And Remorse00:35
  • 10.No Rule For A Dream: Peking (With Rain)01:25
  • 11.The Band Was Playing Some Unfamiliar And Unharmonious Music, And Some Younger People Were Dancing While The Older People Formed Little Groups And Stood Around Talking With Sandwiches In Their Hands00:12
  • 12.Be Happy!02:49


  • 1.La Chanson D'Ugly03:16
  • 2.She Was So Mad She Stuttered As She Dragged Me Toward The Door00:25
  • 3.Femmes Aux Yeux D'Argile04:06
  • 4.So Far From Asia02:57
  • 5.Watching, Watching The World Move Around Before Me Through A Pane Of Glass00:43
  • 6.Derisoire02:58
  • 7.She Had Faded Blondish Hair, A Narrow Face, And Wore An Old Dress01:04
  • 8.Little Lady05:15


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