The Wall - Immersion Box Set
iconic & classic 1979 concept album! Collectors edition giant Boxset!

The Wall - Immersion Box Set

Pink Floyd

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Collector's Edition Box set also includes:

* a 40-page 27 cm x 27 cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson, including recording informations, song lyrics, sleeve artwork, concert ticket and poster reprints and others, 

* a 20-page 27 cm x 27 cm photo book " The Wall - Pink Floyd Circa 1980-1", including photographs By Jill Furmanovsky and Hipgnosis, edited by Jill Furmanovsky, 

* a 8-page credits booklet, 

* an exclusive 27 cm x 27 cm Gerald Scarfe Art Print "The Wall - The Wife", • 4 x "Immersion Collectors' Cards" 8 cm x 11 cm featuring art by Storm Thorgerson and excerpt from lyrics with a total of 57 different variations (The Collectors' Cards are a set of obscure Floyd images reminiscent of cigarette cards [but these are anti-cigarette]. They can be found in various Pink Floyd products) • a replica of The Wall tour ticket from 14. February '81, Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 7,5 cm x 16,5 cm and • a replica of The Wall backstage pass, Nassau, Coliseum, February 26, 1980, 9 cm x 9 cm, 

* a collectible printed scarf of 100% viscose 78 cm x 24 cm • 3 x collectable The Wall marbles 2,4 cm round, * 9 x collectible coasters 10,2 cm round (unique to this box) featuring early design sketches • 6 x Mark Fisher replica drawings of The Wall live set 

 * new Gerald Scarfe handwritten lyric poster All discs come in separate cardboard sleeves, 4 of these can be mounted in the box set No exact durations given for all discs 

The Wall is the eleventh studio album by Pink Floyd. It was released as a double album on 30 November 1979, by Harvest Records in the United Kingdom and by Columbia Records in the United States. It received an initially mixed critical response, but was commercially successful, reaching number 3 on the UK Albums Chart, and topping the US Billboard 200 chart for 15 weeks. The album is considered one of the most recognisable concept albums. It is the band's second best selling album (after The Dark Side of the Moon) and one of the best selling albums of all time. In 1982, it was adapted into a feature film of the same name.

Bass guitarist and songwriter Roger Waters conceived the album as a rock opera during Pink Floyd's 1977 In the Flesh Tour, when his frustration with the audience became so acute that he spat on them. Its story, which follows themes of abandonment and personal isolation, explores Pink, a character whom Waters modeled after himself and the band's original leader Syd Barrett. Pink's life begins with the loss of his father during the Second World War, and continues with abuse from his schoolteachers, an overprotective mother, and the breakdown of his marriage; all contribute to his eventual self-imposed isolation from society, represented by a metaphorical wall. The band, who were then struggling with personal and financial difficulties, supported the idea. Waters enlisted an outside collaborator, Canadian producer Bob Ezrin, due to his need for somebody who he felt was "musically and intellectually" similar to himself, as well as a helping hand for the cumbersome amount of material that was written. Recording lasted from December 1978 to November 1979, with stops in France, England, New York, and Los Angeles. Waters' song "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" became the band's first and only chart-topper when released as the album's lead single. Two songs co-written by guitarist David Gilmour, "Run Like Hell" and "Comfortably Numb", were also issued as singles.

The Wall was the last studio album released with the 11-year-spanning line-up of Waters, Gilmour, keyboardist Rick Wright, and drummer Nick Mason. Wright was fired from the band by Waters during its production, but stayed as a salaried musician, performing with Pink Floyd on their subsequent live tour. The live performances, which were later released as a live album, featured elaborate theatrical effects. Some of the album's themes would be continued in the band's next album, The Final Cut (1983), which contained some outtakes from The Wall. By 1999, the album had sold over 23 million RIAA-certified units (11.5 million albums), making it the third-highest certified album in the US. In 2003, Rolling Stone placed The Wall at number 87 on its list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time".



  • 1.In The Flesh?03:20
  • 2.The Thin Ice02:26
  • 3.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 103:11
  • 4.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives01:50
  • 5.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 203:58
  • 6.Mother05:34
  • 7.Goodbye Blue Sky02:47
  • 8.Empty Spaces02:07
  • 9.Young Lust03:29
  • 10.One Of My Turns03:36
  • 11.Don't Leave Me Now04:14
  • 12.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 301:14
  • 13.Goodbye Cruel World01:17


  • 1.Hey You04:40
  • 2.Is There Anybody Out There?02:41
  • 3.Nobody Home03:22
  • 4.Vera01:33
  • 5.Bring The Boys Back Home01:27
  • 6.Comfortably Numb06:22
  • 7.The Show Must Go On01:36
  • 8.In The Flesh04:15
  • 9.Run Like Hell04:23
  • 10.Waiting For The Worms03:57
  • 11.Stop00:30
  • 12.The Trial05:18
  • 13.Outside The Wall01:46


  • 1.MC: Atmos01:14
  • 2.In The Flesh?02:59
  • 3.The Thin Ice02:49
  • 4.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 104:08
  • 5.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives01:44
  • 6.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 206:18
  • 7.Mother07:54
  • 8.Goodbye Blue Sky03:14
  • 9.Empty Spaces02:15
  • 10.What Shall We Do Now?01:38
  • 11.Young Lust05:18
  • 12.One Of My Turns03:41
  • 13.Don't Leave Me Now04:01
  • 14.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 301:20
  • 15.The Last Few Bricks03:25
  • 16.Goodbye Cruel World01:42


  • 1.Hey You04:55
  • 2.Is There Anybody Out There?03:08
  • 3.Nobody Home03:16
  • 4.Vera01:22
  • 5.Bring The Boys Back Home01:25
  • 6.Comfortably Numb07:25
  • 7.The Show Must Go On02:34
  • 8.MC: Atmos00:38
  • 9.In The Flesh04:21
  • 10.Run Like Hell07:03
  • 11.Waiting For The Worms04:14
  • 12.Stop00:30
  • 13.The Trial06:02
  • 14.Outside The Wall04:32


  • 1.Prelude (Vera Lynn)00:24
  • 2.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 201:04
  • 3.Mother00:22
  • 4.Young Lust00:13
  • 5.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 200:18
  • 6.Empty Spaces00:19
  • 7.Mother00:08
  • 8.Backs To The Wall00:35
  • 9.Don't Leave Me Now00:28
  • 10.Goodbye Blue Sky00:40
  • 11.Don't Leave Me Now00:12
  • 12.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 300:37
  • 13.Goodbye Cruel World00:24
  • 14.Hey You01:09
  • 15.Is There Anybody Out There?01:22
  • 16.Vera00:27
  • 17.Bring The Boys Back Home00:38
  • 18.The Show Must Go On00:51
  • 19.Waiting For The Worms01:17
  • 20.Run Like Hell00:50
  • 21.The Trial00:34
  • 22.Outside The Wall01:03
  • 23.Prelude (Vera Lynn) - Roger Waters Original Demo00:55
  • 24.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1 - Band Demo04:49
  • 25.The Thin Ice - Band Demo03:21
  • 26.Goodbye Blue Sky - Band Demo02:22
  • 27.Teacher, Teacher - Band Demo02:50
  • 28.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 - Band Demo01:31
  • 29.Empty Spaces - Band Demo01:53
  • 30.Young Lust - Band Demo04:26
  • 31.Mother - Band Demo04:38
  • 32.Don't Leave Me Now - Band Demo04:34
  • 33.Sexual Revolution - Band Demo05:00
  • 34.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3 - Band Demo01:26
  • 35.Goodbye Cruel World - Band Demo01:13
  • 36.In The Flesh? - Band Demo03:25
  • 37.The Thin Ice - Band Demo02:35
  • 38.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1 - Band Demo03:41
  • 39.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Band Demo01:44
  • 40.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 - Band Demo01:57
  • 41.Mother - Band Demo04:36


  • 1.Is There Anybody Out There? - Roger Waters Original Demo01:53
  • 2.Vera - Roger Waters Original Demo02:19
  • 3.Bring The Boys Back Home - Roger Waters Original Demo00:43
  • 4.Hey You - Band Demo04:06
  • 5.The Doctor (Comfortably Numb) - Band Demo03:15
  • 6.In The Flesh - Band Demo04:35
  • 7.Run Like Hell - Band Demo03:07
  • 8.Waiting For The Worms - Band Demo03:53
  • 9.The Trial - Band Demo04:05
  • 10.The Show Must Go On - Band Demo02:07
  • 11.Outside The Wall - Band Demo01:19
  • 12.The Thin Ice Reprise - Band Demo01:31
  • 13.Outside The Wall - Band Demo01:53
  • 14.It's Never Too Late - Band Demo01:32
  • 15.The Doctor (Comfortably Numb) - Band Demo03:19
  • 16.One Of My Turns - Band Demo02:29
  • 17.Don't Leave Me Now - Band Demo04:04
  • 18.Empty Spaces - Band Demo00:51
  • 19.Backs To The Wall - Band Demo01:33
  • 20.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3 - Band Demo01:22
  • 21.Goodbye Cruel World - Band Demo01:06
  • 22.Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour Original Demo03:14
  • 23.Run Like Hell - David Gilmour Original Demo03:02


  • 121.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (Pink Floyd The Wall - Earls Court, 1980)01:24
  • 122.Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 (Promotional Video - Restored In 2011)03:20
  • 123.Behind The Wall - Documentary50:27
  • 124.Gerald Scarfe Interview17:21


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