Woo is an experimental music duo from the UK. The band consists of brothers Mark (born in 1953) and Clive Ives (born in 1956). They grew up in the South of London.

The band combine several musical styles, creating its own sound: Folk, Jazz, Pop, Ambient, Psychedelic as well as Healing Music. Woo is one of the first bands to incorporate acoustic instruments (clarinet, saxophone, Acoustic guitars, 12-string and bass guitars) into electronic music in the early 70's.

The name of the band, Woo, refers to the sound of a musical saw,an instrument the brother's uncle Fred used to play.

In the early 2010s, several labels approached the band to get their old albums re-issued. The second album was the first to be re-issued: It's Cosy Inside was published in 2012 by Drag City and Yoga Records. Following the critical success of this re-issue, the band was contacted by the English label Emotional Rescue for a more comprehensive re-issue of its back catalogue. Due to the growing popularity, the band decided to publish a new album.

Since 2016, Woo have continued to release new albums on their Bandcamp page, including All Is Well which came out as an LP in 2019,  released by Slowboy Records, and contained 13 tracks, combining both instrumental titles and songs.

The band continues to work on new projects, new original albums and re-workings of their archives.

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