Packaged in a gatefold card wallet, with 8 page booklet. Eccentronic Research Council = Adrian Anthony Flanagan, Dean Honer with Maxine Peake Plus friendly guests Saul Adamczewski & Lias Saoudi from The Fat White Family All words - Adrian Anthony Flanagan All music - Dean Honer & A. A. Flanagan Except tracks 7, 10, 19, 22 - Flanagan/Honer/Adamczewski/Saoudi Recorded at The Bowling Green, Sheffield Mastered & cut by Noel Somerville Photos: Dean Honer Texted & Sleeve Art: Adrian Anthony Flanagan Model: Nico Sirous


  • 1.Welcome To Valhalla Dale02:58
  • 2.The John That Fell To Earth01:42
  • 3.I Am Merely A Flute Lament In The Mind Of A Nuisance00:54
  • 4.Introducing The Moonlandingz (The Audience On Trial)01:47
  • 5.The Cooper Effect01:56
  • 6.Ingratiate & Creep & Other Ignorable E-mithers00:31
  • 7.Sweet Saturn Mine03:49
  • 8.Internet Spreads Whilst Wiki Leaks/Real Nite Clubbing01:13
  • 9.Johnny's Spirit Guide Did Not Send For You00:59
  • 10.I Am Your Only Fan/Psych Ersatz02:22
  • 11.Off The Cloth Moth - SWAT01:45
  • 12.Mental Illness In Art As Explained By An Amateur Psychologist, Sponsored By Google01:09
  • 13.Claptrap Dreams01:27
  • 14.You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Should Have Gone To Codrophenia)03:17
  • 15.Time Out (Excellent News)00:54
  • 16.If You Want To Worship - Go To Church01:52
  • 17.I Spy On J. Rocket & Other Lame Attempts At Leaving Him Alone02:29
  • 18.Excuses, Tall Tales Or Both (You Decide)01:52
  • 19.Man In Me Lyfe/She Won't Settle Down (Nightmare Version)01:17
  • 20.The Ignorance Of Johnny Rocket & The Day The Witch Died02:52
  • 21.The Bus From Hell - One Bird - One Stone03:53
  • 22.Lay Your Head Down On The Road (J.R's Ghost At Riverside Mix)02:43


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