For Those I Love

Under the pseudonym For Those I Love, Dublin-based singer/songwriter David Balfe delivered spoken-word-like tales of catharsis, grief, and biography. His debut self-titled album arrived in March 2021, bringing with it an evocative collection of sounds and stories.

From the escapist retreat of his parents’ shed, Irish-born David Balfe found a passion for making music at a young age, crafting songs alongside close friends throughout his early years. Soon, these manifested into bands and movements: 2007’s Plagues saw Balfe and co. dabble in metalcore, while the Branch Becomes moved Balfe and his associates toward hardcore. The boldest of these came in the form of Burnt Out, a vivid post-punk group recorded in an undeveloped house belonging to bandmate Peter. The tragic death of Balfe’s best friend and bandmate, Paul Curran, marked the end of the group’s output.

Under the alias of For Those I Love, Balfe returned to music two years later, paying homage to Curran with the impassioned debut release “I Have a Love” (2020). October’s “Top Scheme” took a more pointed aim at widespread misery and injustice, and Balfe’s 2021 “Birthday/The Pain” offered a brutal recollection of his discovery of a dead body at the age of six. His debut album, the self-titled For Those I Love, arrived in March that year. Comprising nine expansive, soul-searching tracks, Balfe’s first full project offered sweeping biography, emotive balladry, and soul-infused electronica

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