Aqualung Box Set
deluxe BOXset reissue of this 1971 classic album ... LP + 2CD + BR + DVD + hardcover book

Aqualung Box Set

Jethro Tull

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Aqualung is the fourth studio album by the rock band Jethro Tull. Released in 1971, Aqualung, despite the band's disagreement, is regarded as a concept album featuring a central theme of "the distinction between religion and God". The album's "dour musings on faith and religion" have marked it as "one of the most cerebral albums ever to reach millions of rock listeners". Aqualung's success signalled a turning point in the band's career, who went on to become a major radio and touring act.

Recorded at Island Records' studio in London, it was their first album with John Evan as a full-time member, their first with new bassist Jeffrey Hammond, and last album featuring Clive Bunker on drums. Something of a departure from the band's previous work, the album features more acoustic material than previous releases; and—inspired by photographs of homeless people on the Thames Embankment taken by singer Ian Anderson's wife Jennie—contains a number of recurring themes, addressing religion along with Anderson's own personal experiences.

Aqualung has sold more than seven million units worldwide according to Anderson, and is thus Jethro Tull's best selling album. The album was generally well-received critically, and has been included on several music magazine "best of" lists. The album spawned two singles, "Hymn 43" and "Locomotive Breath".

BOXSET: 180g heavyweight LP, 2CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray including various unreleased materials, a new stereo mix, the original Quad mix, and 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital Surround. LP: Comes in heavy gatefold sleeve (which also contains the 2-CDs, DVD and Blu-ray) & black inner sleeve. Recorded at Island Studios, London. All songs published by Ian Anderson/Chrysalis Music. CD1 Comes in cardsleeve. All songs published by Ian Anderson/Chrysalis Music. CD2: Comes in cardsleeve. All songs published by Ian Anderson/Chrysalis Music. DVD: Comes in cardsleeve. Album mixed to 5.1 surround sound with 4 additional recordings all DTS Surround (96/24) & Dolby Digital Surround (48/24) * New stereo mix of original album - as 96/24 LPCM stereo * Additional 1970 & 1971 Recordings - as 96/24 LPCM stereo * Original Quad mix (4.1) – as DTS (96/24) & Dolby Digital Surround (48/24) NTSC. Aspect ratio 16:9. DVD9. Region 0 (All regions). Approx 193 minutes. All songs published by Ian Anderson/Chrysalis Music. Blu-ray: Comes in cardsleeve. Album mixed to 5.1 surround sound with 4 additional recordings all 96/24 LPCM & DTS-HD Master Audio * New stereo mix of original album - as 96/24 LPCM * Additional 1970 & 1971 Recordings - as 96/24 LPCM * Original Quad mix at 96/24 LPCM & DTS-HD Master Audio * Flat transfer of original album stereo mix at 96/24 LPCM NTSC. Aspect ratio 16:9. Regions ABC (All regions). Approx 237 minutes. All songs published by Ian Anderson/Chrysalis Music. Section d) and e) have been mixed up on the sleeve. Hardback book: - 12”x12” 48 page hardback book - 6,000 liner notes by Dom Lawson – Initially written for 'Classic Rock Presents Prog' March 2011 - Additional unreleased interview with Ian Anderson by Dom Lawson. - Memoirs from: Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (Bass Guitar), Martin Barre (Guitar), Clive Bunker (Drums), Barrie Barlow (Drummer following Clive Bunker’s departure), Glenn Cornick (Original Bassist on early recordings), Terry Ellis (Manager), Jennie Franks (Ian Anderson’s first wife and Lyricist for title track ‘Aqualung’) & Billie Ritchie (from 60s rock band & label mate ‘Clouds’) - Q & A with engineer John Burns conducted by Dom Lawson - Technical Q&A with engineer John Burns conducted by Don Needham - Notes on the new mixes from producer Steven Wilson - 1970/1971 Tour dates Chronology - Notes: “Inside Island” (1970) Keith Wicks visits Island Studio - Band line-ups - Album lyrics - Tape box scans - Rare photos Recorded at Morgan Studios (11th & 12th April 1970, 21st June 1970), Island Studios (13th December 1970, 15th December 1970, 16th December 1970, 17th December 1970, 20th December 1970, 5th February 1971, 6th February 1971, 11th February 1971, 12th February 1971) and Sound Techniques (17th May 1971). Quad Master Mixed at Advision Studio in April 1974. (p) 2011 the copyright in this compilation is owned by Chrysalis Records Ltd. (c) 2011 Chrysalis Records Ltd. This label copy is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved. (c) 2011 EMI Records Ltd. Marketed and distributed by EMI. Made in the EU. 



  • 1.Aqualung06:37
  • 2.Cross-Eyed Mary04:07
  • 3.Cheap Day Return01:18
  • 4.Mother Goose03:50
  • 5.Wond'ring Aloud01:52
  • 6.Up To Me03:14


  • 1.My God07:11
  • 2.Hymn 4303:15
  • 3.Slipstream01:08
  • 4.Locomotive Breath04:38
  • 5.Wind-Up05:59


  • 87.Aqualung
  • 88.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 89.Cheap Day Return
  • 90.Mother Goose
  • 91.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 92.Up To Me
  • 93.My God
  • 94.Hymn 43
  • 95.Slipstream
  • 96.Locomotive Breath
  • 97.Wind-Up
  • 98.Lick Your Fingers Clean
  • 99.My God (Early Version)
  • 100.Up The 'Pool
  • 101.Life Is A Long Song
  • 102.Aqualung
  • 103.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 104.Cheap Day Return
  • 105.Mother Goose
  • 106.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 107.Up To Me
  • 108.My God
  • 109.Hymn 43
  • 110.Slipstream
  • 111.Locomotive Breath
  • 112.Wind-Up
  • 113.Lick Your Fingers Clean
  • 114.Just Trying To Be
  • 115.My God (Early Version)
  • 116.Wond'ring Aloud (13th December 1970)
  • 117.Wind-Up (Early Version)
  • 118.Slipstream (Take 2)
  • 119.Up The 'Pool (Early Version)
  • 120.Wond'ring Aloud, Again (Full Morgan Version)
  • 121.Life Is A Long Song
  • 122.Up The 'Pool
  • 123.Dr Bogenbroom (Remastered)
  • 124.From Later (Remastered)
  • 125.Nursie (Remastered)
  • 126.Aqualung
  • 127.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 128.Cheap Day Return
  • 129.Mother Goose
  • 130.Wond'Ring Aloud
  • 131.Up To Me
  • 132.My God
  • 133.Hymn 43
  • 134.Slipstream
  • 135.Locomotive Breath
  • 136.Wind-Up
  • 137.Aqualung
  • 138.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 139.Cheap Day Return
  • 140.Mother Goose
  • 141.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 142.Up To Me
  • 143.My God
  • 144.Hymn 43
  • 145.Slipstream
  • 146.Locomotive Breath
  • 147.Wind-Up


  • 1.Aqualung06:37
  • 2.Cross-Eyed Mary04:07
  • 3.Cheap Day Return01:18
  • 4.Mother Goose03:50
  • 5.Wond'ring Aloud01:52
  • 6.Up To Me03:14
  • 7.My God07:11
  • 8.Hymn 4303:15
  • 9.Slipstream01:08
  • 10.Locomotive Breath04:38
  • 11.Wind-Up05:59


  • 1.Lick Your Fingers Clean02:45
  • 2.Just Trying To Be01:37
  • 3.My God (Early Version)09:40
  • 4.Wond'ring Aloud (13th December 1970)01:48
  • 5.Wind-Up (Early Version)05:18
  • 6.Slipstream (Take 2)00:52
  • 7.Up The 'Pool (Early Version)01:90
  • 8.Wond'ring Aloud, Again (Full Morgan Version)07:04
  • 9.Life Is A Long Song03:16
  • 10.Up The 'Pool03:09
  • 11.Dr Bogenbroom (Remastered)02:58
  • 12.From Later (Remastered)02:04
  • 13.Nursie (Remastered)01:35
  • 14.US Radio Spot00:51


  • 37.Aqualung
  • 38.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 39.Cheap Day Return
  • 40.Mother Goose
  • 41.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 42.Up To Me
  • 43.My God
  • 44.Hymn 43
  • 45.Slipstream
  • 46.Locomotive Breath
  • 47.Wind-Up
  • 48.Lick Your Fingers Clean
  • 49.My God (Early Version)
  • 50.Up The 'Pool
  • 51.Life Is A Long Song
  • 52.Aqualung
  • 53.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 54.Cheap Day Return
  • 55.Mother Goose
  • 56.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 57.Up To Me
  • 58.My God
  • 59.Hymn 43
  • 60.Slipstream
  • 61.Locomotive Breath
  • 62.Wind-Up
  • 63.Lick Your Fingers Clean
  • 64.Just Trying To Be
  • 65.My God (Early Version)
  • 66.Wond'ring Aloud (13th December 1970)
  • 67.Wind-Up (Early Version)
  • 68.Slipstream (Take 2)
  • 69.Up The 'Pool (Early Version)
  • 70.Wond'ring Aloud, Again (Full Morgan Version)
  • 71.Life Is A Long Song
  • 72.Up The 'Pool
  • 73.Dr Bogenbroom (Remastered)
  • 74.From Later (Remastered)
  • 75.Nursie (Remastered)
  • 76.Aqualung
  • 77.Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 78.Cheap Day Return
  • 79.Mother Goose
  • 80.Wond'ring Aloud
  • 81.Up To Me
  • 82.My God
  • 83.Hymn 43
  • 84.Slipstream
  • 85.Locomotive Breath
  • 86.Wind Up


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