Rocket To Russia

Rocket To Russia


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  • CD
  • CD
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Rhino Records (2), Sire, Ramones Productions Inc.
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Numbered 40th anniversary box

Made in EU Printed in EU. This reissue ℗&© 2017, 1977 Sire Records Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group company.


  • 1.Cretin Hop01:55
  • 2.Rockaway Beach02:06
  • 3.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow02:49
  • 4.Locket Love02:11
  • 5.I Don't Care01:39
  • 6.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker02:49
  • 7.We're A Happy Family02:40
  • 8.Teenage Lobotomy02:01
  • 9.Do You Wanna Dance?01:55
  • 10.I Wanna Be Well02:28
  • 11.I Can't Give You Anything02:01
  • 12.Ramona02:37
  • 13.Surfin' Bird02:37
  • 14.Why Is It Always This Way?02:19
  • 15.Cretin Hop01:57
  • 16.Rockaway Beach02:07
  • 17.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow02:46
  • 18.Locket Love02:16
  • 19.I Don't Care (Version 2)01:51
  • 20.It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1)02:23
  • 21.We're A Happy Family02:38
  • 22.Teenage Lobotomy02:04
  • 23.Do You Wanna Dance?01:54
  • 24.I Wanna Be Well02:30
  • 25.I Can't Give You Anything02:13
  • 26.Ramona03:06
  • 27.Surfin' Bird02:53
  • 28.Why Is It Always This Way?02:44
  • 1.Why Is It Always This Way? (Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics)01:58
  • 2.Rockaway Beach (Power Station Rough)02:06
  • 3.I Wanna Be Well (Power Station Rough)02:28
  • 4.Locket Love (Power Station Rough)02:15
  • 5.I Can't Give You Anything (Power Station Rough)02:02
  • 6.Cretin Hop (Power Station Rough)01:55
  • 7.We're A Happy Family (Power Station Rough)02:14
  • 8.Ramona (Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics)03:06
  • 9.Do You Wanna Dance? (Mediasound Rough)01:52
  • 10.Teenage Lobotomy (Mediasound Rough)02:02
  • 11.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Mediasound Rough)02:47
  • 12.I Don't Care (Version 2, Mediasound Rough)01:46
  • 13.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)02:48
  • 14.It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1, Dee Dee Vocal)02:24
  • 15.Ramona (Sweet Little Ramona Pop Mix)03:07
  • 16.Surfin' Bird (Alternate Vocal)02:40
  • 17.Teenage Lobotomy (Backing Track)02:06
  • 18.We're A Happy Family (At Home With The Family)01:02
  • 19.Cretin Hop (Backing Track)01:58
  • 20.Needles And Pins (Demo Version)02:44
  • 21.Babysitter (B-Side Version, Remastered)02:45
  • 22.It's A Long Way Back To Germany (B-Side Version, Remastered)02:21
  • 23.Joey RTR Radio Spot Promo00:52
  • 24.We're A Happy Family (Joey & Dee Dee Dialogue)01:12
  • 1.Rockaway Beach03:00
  • 2.Teenage Lobotomy02:08
  • 3.Blitzkrieg Bop02:03
  • 4.I Wanna Be Well02:21
  • 5.Glad To See You Go01:51
  • 6.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment01:37
  • 7.You're Gonna Kill That Girl02:27
  • 8.I Don't Care01:40
  • 9.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker02:26
  • 10.Carbona Not Glue01:34
  • 11.Commando01:58
  • 12.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow03:14
  • 13.Surfin' Bird02:23
  • 14.Cretin Hop01:45
  • 15.Listen To My Heart01:38
  • 16.California Sun01:48
  • 17.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You01:24
  • 18.Pinhead03:47
  • 19.Do You Wanna Dance?01:41
  • 20.Chain Saw01:31
  • 21.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World03:25
  • 22.Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy02:03
  • 23.Judy Is A Punk01:15
  • 24.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue01:22
  • 25.We're A Happy Family02:26


  • 1.Cretin Hop01:57
  • 2.Rockaway Beach02:07
  • 3.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow02:46
  • 4.Locket Love02:16
  • 5.I Don't Care (Version 2)01:51
  • 6.It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1)02:23
  • 7.We're A Happy Family02:38


  • 1.Teenage Lobotomy02:04
  • 2.Do You Wanna Dance?01:54
  • 3.I Wanna Be Well02:30
  • 4.I Can't Give You Anything02:13
  • 5.Ramona03:06
  • 6.Surfin' Bird02:53
  • 7.Why Is It Always This Way?02:44


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