Miava (Mary isn't a virgin anymore) is a Belgian instrumental Post-Rock/Stoner band with Post-Metal/Rock influences.

In Feb 2016, Jelle Tommeleyn, the drummer of the band, was walking home with his girlfriend when he was hit by a small truck. He died in hospital, He was only 24 years old. In their grieve and being devastated by his sudden death, the remaining members suspend all their future plans and MIAVA ceased to exist.

Three silent years later, Miava announced their comeback with new drummer Joppe Vandewalle amongst them. Later on in 2019 Miava attended Alcatraz metal Festival in Belgium, it was the perfect start of a new beginning for the band. 

MIAVA statement 07/02/2023

"Dear humans,

14 years ago we started playing as a band.

7 years later our drummer & best friend Jelle Tømmeleyn passed away in a hit and run accident.

We missed playing our music and decided to give it another shot with good drummer Joppe Vandewalle in 2019.

On to this day we realize that Miava will never be what it was without Jelle, so we decided to call it quits.

We are really thankful for everything we experienced as a band through the years and all the people who supported us. Always in our heart!

We miss you & love you.

Reign On, Jelle."

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