Echoes” is the Ethno-Wave love child of collaborators Frank Harris & Maria Marquez. A collection of sublime songs dating back to ‘85, avante-pop flourishes are married here to the heart strings of a synthetic Amazon-think MFM’s“Outro Tempo” meets a tropical Sade. 

With much contemporary interest in South American electronic music, Echoes is a window into two musicians prescient dreamings of tradition, melody & technology. 

Revelling in the embrace of Maria’s Venezuelan roots & folklore visions combined with Frank’s custom Synclavier synth station, songs such as ‘Canto Del Pílon’ and ‘Tonada de Ordeño’ resonate with a charged future/primitive electricity, Maria’s song-to-a-siren vocals mainline with Frank’s lush sonic alchemy. 

Heavy weight 180 gram pressing, mastered for vinyl by George Horn @ Fantasy plus2 sided full size insert 

NOTE: This is a vinyl only release ;)

The versions of Ethnocity & Loveroom differ slightly from those previously released.



  • 1.Canto Del Pilón
  • 2.Campesina
  • 3.Ethnocity
  • 4.Tonada De Ordeño


  • 1.Loveroom
  • 2.Tenderloin
  • 3.Field Trips
  • 4.Bein' Green
  • 5.Down By The Río


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