Four different shades of powerful house music on the belgian label 'ensemble', run by Kong & Gratts!



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All tracks* written, arranged and mixed by Mark Buning at Tenth Floor Studio (Rotterdam, NL) between 2014 and 2018 (*‘Rubato Alle Tribù Del Sud’ not so much written but mainly compiled from borrowed sounds from the south). 

The latest ensemble outing comes courtesy of Fader, who runs his own Borneo imprint and has recently released on the newly established Bar Rotterdam label. The Dutchman delivers four different shades of powerful house music, all of them crafted within the walls of his Tenth Floor Studio somewhere between 2014 and 2018. The package kicks off with “Rubato Alle Tribù Del Sud”, a tribute (as well as a nudge) to the hedonistic Italian nineties but injected with a dose of edgy NY tribal house - an emotional yet uplifting ride that will get any dancefloor hooked. Up next comes “Dirty Detox”, a timeless affair consisting of a rolling Vermona Mono Lancet bass line, TR-909 drums, a touch of 303 and a mangled Casio CZ having a party while everyone’s asleep. “Echt Hè” is the classy deephouse track of the bunch. Its moody bass line and magical melodies are the result of a Boss DR 660 drum machine’s pairing with a few singing eurorack modules. The grittiest workout is aptly kept for the B2: “Suzan Caught On Tape” was the first piece of music production Fader ever finished in the city of Rotterdam. After running it through his old Mackie desk, throwing cheap reverb and delay effects on top, he bounced the whole thing straight to cassette tape. Finito, as they say.



  • 1.Rubato Alle Tribù Del Sud06:15
  • 2.Dirty Detox05:47


  • 1.Echt Hé04:35
  • 2.Suzan Caught On Tape05:55


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