Special Thanks To: Bill Graham Management-Bill Graham, Nick Clainos, Morty Wiggins, Arnold Pustilnik, Mick Brigden, Ray Etzler, Kevin Burns and Cynthia Parsons; Neville Productions-Shannon Chabaud, Steve Eggerton, Jan Bateman, Charles Brady, Eric Kolb; Rosebud Music Agency-Mike Kappus and Tom Chauncy; A&M Records-Patrick Clifford and Steve Ralbovsky; Craig Hayes at Zumwalt, Almon and Hayes; John & Charlotte Brenes. With Help From: Pyramid Audio; P.P.L. Productions; Jimmy Mack; "Home Team"; Ricky Castrillo; Mike Montero and Boo; John & Charlotte Brenes Dedication: The Neville Brothers dedicate this album to the memory of: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Neville, Sr.; George "Big Chief Jolly" Landry; James Black; David Lastie; St. Jude; and is created with love for the entire Neville Nation. "This music is dedicated to sufferers around the world and, most of all, to Jah God, the great spirit, the source of all our inspirations. May his love heal the world soon." One Heart, The Neville Brothers Artwork Painting Courtesy Janet Fleischer Gallery/Philadelphia; Cevin-Morris, Inc./NYC ℗ 1989 A&M Records, Inc. Los Angeles © 2015 A&M Records, Inc. Los Angeles



  • 1.My Blood
  • 2.Yellow Moon
  • 3.Fire And Brimstone
  • 4.A Change Is Gonna Come
  • 5.Sister Rosa
  • 6.With God On Our Side


  • 1.Wake Up
  • 2.Voo Doo
  • 3.The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
  • 4.Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  • 5.Healing Chant
  • 6.Wild Injuns


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