The Sound Of Love International #002 2 Track Sampler
Big dose of happy! By Beautiful Swimmers aka Ari Goldman and Max D.

The Sound Of Love International #002 2 Track Sampler

Foe (12)

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  • LP
Love International X Test Pressing, Love International Recordings, Test Pressing (4)
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12" sampler as a precursor to the full compilation album, upcoming as a co-release through Love International Recordings and Test Pressing Records.

After signing on with Gatto Fritto's mind-melting Sound of Love International Volume 1, we're back, we can smell summer and we're putting you in the capable hands of festival favourites, Washington DC's Beautiful Swimmers.

A beautiful swimmer is a small blue crab. The Beautiful Swimmers are Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering (AKA Max D). And you, my friend, are about to get high on the happy. They're here to take you on a gleeful joyride around their collective musical imagination.

The Swimmers are full-bore record enthusiasts you see, but whereas you might associate this with squirrelly, exclusive and crabby sorts, they are inclusive, human and warm. It's a wide-eyed ebullient romp and the joy of discovery is one to share. And to see them DJ IS a joy - they're having at least as much fun as anyone else in the room, locked together tight, riding the same wave.

An extra special Swimmers 'Mega Remix' of Foe's 1995 Baltimore house jam 'Are U Da Bomb / Blow Up Girl', and the smooth and soulful early 90s British classic, 'More Than You Can Wish' from Harlem Gem, lovingly re-mastered from original tapes especially for this release.



  • 1.Blow Up Girl (Beautiful Swimmers Big Head Self Mix)


  • 2.More Than You Can Wish


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