Remastered and pressed to 180g vinyl, with replica original artwork from the OG Equuipe release!


Eumir Deodato

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  • LP
Far out recordings
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One of Brazil’s most prolific artists, Eumir Deodato has participated in the creation of over 450 albums, racked up 16 platinum records, won a Grammy (and received two more nominations), and sold over 250 million records in the USA alone. Over the course of his career, he has written for, arranged music by and played with artists including Frank Sinatra, Tom Jobim, Kool & The Gang, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marcos Valle, Aretha Franklin and Bjork, among others.

At the height of Deodato’s productivity in the early 70s, Os Catedraticos 73 was recorded between Rio de Janeiro and New York, featuring a Brazilian rhythm section comprising Azymuth drummer Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti, percussion master Orlandivo, and Sergio Barroso on bass, while the horn section features some of the big apple’s top players from the CTI in-house brass.

A firm favourite with rare-groove enthusiasts and fans of Latin jazz alike, Deodato melds the musical sensibility of post-bossa nova Brazilian jazz with North American soul & funk, and the explosive Latin influences of ‘70s New York. Os Catedraticos 73 certainly swings harder than some of Deodato’s earlier releases and opening track ‘Arranha Ceu’ (Skyscrapers) is a euphoric dance floor classic, which has been lighting up clubs for years.

With the blessing of Deodato himself, this official Far Out reissue has been remastered and pressed to 180g vinyl, with replica original artwork from the OG Equipe release.


A1 Arranha Céu (Skyscrapers) (Eumir Deodato)
A2 Flap (Marcos Valle & P.S. Valle)
A3 Rodando Por Aí (Rudy’s) (Eumir Deodato)
A4 O Jogo (Soccer Game) (Pacifico Mascarenhas)
A5 Atire A 1a Pedra (Ataulfo Alves & Mario Lago)
B1 Puma Branco (The White Puma) (Marcos Valle & P.S. Valle)
B2 Passarinho Diferente (The Byrd) (Eumir Deodato)
B3 Extremo Norte (The Gap) (Eumir Deodato)
B4 Tô Fazendo Nada (Down The Hill) (Eumir Deodato)
B5 Menina (Boy Meets Girl) (Eumir Deodato)
B6 Carlota E Carolina (Carly & Carole) (Eumir Deodato)


  • 1.Hate Intro
  • 2.Best Of
  • 3.Som Sam
  • 4.Bandaska
  • 5.Like A Virgin (Christian Wünsch Remix)
  • 6.Fightclubbing
  • 7.96.1 Mhz
  • 8.Kopat Ako Kona
  • 9.Number
  • 10.Fastfood
  • 11.No Name EP
  • 12.Insane For Exclusion
  • 13.Streets Of East London Part 1
  • 14.No Name EP
  • 15.Bedtime Story
  • 16.Nightwalker
  • 17.Streets Of East London Part 3
  • 18.Like A Virgin
  • 19.Rubato
  • 20.Rad Dam
  • 21.Siccus
  • 22.Opression
  • 23.Blood
  • 1.96.1 Mhz
  • 2.Streets Of East London Part 1
  • 3.Bandaska
  • 4.Fastfood
  • 5.Like A Virgin (Christian Wünsch Remix)
  • 6.Streets Of East London Part 3
  • 7.No Name EP
  • 8.Fightclubbing
  • 9.Nightstalker
  • 10.Number
  • 11.Opression
  • 12.Rubato
  • 13.Insane For Exclusion
  • 14.Blood


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