Chronicles III
The more deep & cosmic monniker from Luke Slater!

Chronicles III

The 7th Plain

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  • LP
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In the afterglow of rave’s white heat, the mid-90s were a period of going as far out in all directions as possible – and Luke Slater’s The 7th Plain tracks were certainly about exploration of the deep space of the imagination. Cosmic, analogue, orchestrated, they still represent some of the most emotionally intense music ever to come out of the techno realm. Whether built on percussive frameworks or sweeping nebulas of dissipated sound, Slater’s synthesizers still sing space-travelers’ tales compellingly and beautifully.

‘Chronicles III’ is made up solely of music from the General Production Recordings label catalogue and stylistically skews less toward percussive techno-funk and more toward free-form broken rhythms – though tracks such as “Lost”, “Time Melts” or “Millentum” stand strong as hybrid pillars of both.



  • 1.Time Melts
  • 2.Reality Of Space


  • 3.Excalibur's Radar
  • 4.Millentum


  • 5.Lost
  • 6.Think City


  • 7.Shades Amaze
  • 8.Seeing Sense


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