Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles is one of the most influential psychedelic bands of all time, rightfully mentioned in the same breath as Hawkwind, Gong, Hillage etc .... Ozric Tentacles (also known as The Ozrics) music incorporates elements from a diverse range of genres, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock, space rock, jazz fusion, electronic music, dub, eastern/afro/world, and ambient music. Formed in Somerset in 1983, the band has released over 30 albums selling over a million copies worldwide despite never having signed to a major recording label.

They drew a large following from the new age scene in the late 80's early 90's as well as prog rock, techno, trance, dub, psych & even hard rock scene. 

The Ozrics layer ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves and psychedelic progressive rock. It’s an open exploration of music and the soul. Unique mythical spaced chill-out psychedelic rock! 

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