The debut album of a Belgian marble on double vinyl! W/ members of Birds That Change Colour, Deus...


Reena Riot

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  • LP
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‘Nix’ is a debut of genuine Belgian marble: chalk white and fragile at first sight, but chiselled out of one piece and downright unbreakable. Reena Riot is Naomi Sijmons (Birds That Change Colour), Jan Myny (Mel Dune), Alan Gevaert (dEUS, Chantal Acda), Bernd Coene (The Blues Vision) and Thomas Werbrouck (KRANKLAND, Little Trouble Kids). 

Antwerp, nearby the third harbour dock. That’s where Reena Riot retreated, deep into the unknown, far away from flashy producers and haughty studios. That’s where a past is buried, perhaps even a corpse... And that’s where a debut album is recorded – finally! – and where a grand group rises!

After two ep's and a final in Humo’s Rock Rally, the story of Reena Riot could have unfolded in many ways. Homerecorded demo’s led to dead-end streets, the road to ruin led to the road less travelled. But after all, making music remains an irresistible urge, a compelling drive that only serial killers, junkies and babies know about.

Naomi’s voice cracks like never before, the rhythm section is tight like an athlete’s tit, the guitars seem to be oozing from sick speakers. And the songs have ripened to grand cru-allure! Some sound calm like the nightly North Sea, others are fierce and rücksichtlos like hurricane Harvey. 

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