Neontrance EP LENSKE006
Farrago rekindles the flame with the high-beam pulse of 'Neontrance''

Neontrance EP LENSKE006


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    Back after a much lauded first foray on LENSKE last year, Sam Deliaert alias Farrago rekindles the flame with the high-beam pulse of 'Neontrance'. Witnessing his growth as a skillful producer and dextrous buildup architect, the EP finds Farrago further carving out the contours to his developing signature sound - halfway industrial cyborg-ness, ruthless trancey syncopations and more spacious, off-kilter cosmonautics. With announced dates including appearances at the OFFSónar Exhale party in Barcelona, Dour Festival, Extrema Outdoor and Feel Festival, needless to say Sam's summer is going to be busy to say the least.

    Having served as the epic topper of Amelie Lens' Timewarp 2018 set and RA podcast, the title-track will undoubtedly ring a bell to all self-respecting fan of the LENSKE mastermind. Melding a heavy-duty four-to-the-floor with well-timed breaks and the kind of fluttering bleepy melody that sticks in your head long after the needle's lifted off the groove, the "pure emotion" of 'Neontrance' makes for the central pivot around which the other tracks revolve and articulate.

    The EP opens with the stomping and churning 'Sinner' which examples Deliaert's production expertise. Pulling out the trenchant katana samples, spiralling bass and weird mouth noises, the minimalistic 'No Jutsu' is one to crank up the heat effortlessly. Completing the picture, the original version of 'Risin' echoes Kobosil's anthemic revamp from last year: a bouncy joyride in acidic marshes and hallucinogenic landscapes that's sure to slap a smile on the saddest raver's face all the way. Techno's a party, and Farrago's got the soundtrack for it.

    “Neontrance” featured in RA New Tracks!


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