The Bony King Of Nowhere

The Bony King of Nowhere is the pseudonym of Belgian singer-songwriter and musician Bram Vanparys

In 2018 he released Silent Days, an album that received many four- and five-star reviews and was even praised as his best album yet. It also earned him a Music Industry Award in the category 'Best Writer-Composer'. All demonstrating the singer-songwriter’s full potential and his vow to never repeat himself and to keep surpassing himself.

 His new album has been a long time coming, partly because of the above-mentioned commitment. First single Are You Still Alive highlights certain patterns in society, including the impact of social media on connection and happiness. It also questions our behaviour as a society on different levels. This track already hints at a new album with plenty of punch and energy, as Vanparys shows us all the nuances of his voice.

Legendary songwriters like Neil Young and Bob Dylan have always kept Bram company, but on his latest album the inspiration comes increasingly from contemporary artists. So you can recognize the influence of Radiohead, Blur, Nick Cave and even Led Zeppelin. While he remains true to his sincere songwriting style and captivating voice, The Bony King Of Nowhere begins on a journey into unknown musical and thematic realms.

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