For his fourth solo studio recordÓlafur Arnalds has enthusiastically opened his arms (and his beloved pianos) to new technology. Stratus, a piece of software that composer and audio developer Halldór Eldjárn has spent the past two years collaborating with Arnalds to hone, links two self-playing, semi-generative pianos to a central, human-controlled piano. Using algorithms whose complexity will likely make your eyes twitch, the pianos respond to the notes played on the primary piano and then conjure patterns of notes, melodies, and harmonies of their own. This innovation has led to an album of new approaches, new tacks, and new sounds. 



  • 1.Re:member06:09
  • 2.Unfold03:58
  • 3.Saman02:12
  • 4.Brot02:54
  • 5.Inconsist04:32
  • 6.They Sink02:36


  • 7.Ypsilon03:55
  • 8.Partial03:16
  • 9.Momentary02:05
  • 10.Undir06:30
  • 11.Ekki Hugsa04:41
  • 12.Nyepi04:14


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