Gold Town EP - Ltd. Gold vinyl
Moodfamily's four-piece returns home with a new EP oozing with drama, melancholy and determination..

Gold Town EP - Ltd. Gold vinyl


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  • 12"
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    Moodfamily’s favourite four-piece returns home after many journeys. Impatient as we are, we had to hear their stories. Skillfully combining influences, sounds and experiences from east and west, they translated their stories into a new EP oozing with drama, melancholy and determination.

    The EP describes itself as the soundtrack for an adventure to mysterious outskirts around the globe, starting with 'Whale Parade'. This prelude takes you to a hidden land after wandering through forests for many months. Guitar, piano and percussion gently move in and carry you away. By the second track, 'All Day I Zama’, a slow beat dictated by a banquet of percussion evolves to a vigorous and groovy track with moaning vocals as the main theme.

    In title track 'Gold Town’ you will settle yourself in a covered wagon, heading for dodgy settlements on a misty mountain range, accompanied by a grieving trumpet. As the wagon slows to a crawl, 'Ghajar’ emerges; a down-tempo emotion-filled song, where the piano and a scorching synth interchange melodies and tales.

    Supported by many deejays worldwide, most notably Solomun


    A1. Whale Parade
    A2. All Day I Zama
    B1. Gold Town
    B2. Ghajar

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