Over three years after the release of his latest record, Belgian singer-songwriter Bram Vanparys finally returns with breathtaking new music. His songwriting has often drawn comparisons to the music of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but the new record ‘Silent Days’ reveals that Vanparys has been on a journey into new musical territory. 

After ‘Wild Flowers’ (2015), which he recorded in Los Angeles with Ray LaMontagne’s former live band, Bram Vanparys kept his guitars locked away in their cases for months. Too many questions had been bothering him and soon he found himself struggling with his musical direction and his artistic integrity. Partly so because he felt that his almost archaic approach on songwriting was pushing him down a dead end street and partly because his interest in rich and complex arrangements started to grow stronger. In 2016 he bought an old trailer and went living in the countryside to work on his new sound. A harsh winter and a tragic breakup with his wife set the mood for a new set of songs and soon Vanparys started recording again.


A1. Going Out 
A2. Every Road 
A3. Silent Days 
A4. Whenever We Meet Again 
A5. Now That I Know 
B1. Waiting For Your Sign 
B2. Through The Night 
B3. The Bony King Of Nowhere 
B4. Still Around


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