Following the ‘Transmission One’ Double LP compilation of rarities & edits and the ‘Udaberri Blues’ split Dub single with Len Leise comes an extended EP of new original productions from Jura Soundsystem aka label head Kevin Griffiths. 

The 6 tracks touch upon a number of influences and styles with proto house opener ‘Carafe Denim’, the Balearic tinged ‘Mamma Capes’, an ode to 80’s boogie on ‘Boogie Tune’, spaced out electronics on ‘Parrot Rhythmic Space Jam’ and two leftfield interludes ‘Monster Skies’ and ‘The Lantern Story’. Mastered By Matt Colton.



  • 1.Carafe Denim04:59
  • 2.Mamma Capes05:23
  • 3.Monster Skies03:15


  • 1.Boogie Tune04:19
  • 2.Parrot Rhythmic Space Jam05:08
  • 3.The Lantern Story03:31


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