Compilation of the early Spinvis albums JA! and Ritmebox!

The first release on yeyeh is a compilation of tracks by Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, a former poet laureate, and renomated poetic band Spinvis. More than ten years after the birth of this album, it has been pressed on vinyl for the very first time.



  • 1.Klapwiekend
  • 1.Gnomendans
  • 2.Stem uit de groef
  • 2.Louis Loehman Suite
  • 3.Synthese
  • 3.Flying Dutchman
  • 4.Nieuw
  • 5.Spiegel
  • 6.Lachgas


  • 1.Decadentie
  • 1.Ja!
  • 2.Mamamiamaihuana
  • 2.Talatta
  • 3.Zonder Niemand
  • 3.Lieverd
  • 4.Een Vriendelijk woord
  • 5.Een Teken
  • 6.Eind Goed Al Goed

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