Supersonicmusic - Science Report In Space
Armed with synths, Raskal The Supersoniccruiser is on a dangerous spaceship mission to... Earth!

Supersonicmusic - Science Report In Space

Raskal The Supersoniccruiser

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  • LP
FutureFantastic Records
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After his first transmission with the Summertricks project in 2008, Raskal The Supersoniccruiser disappeared in outer space to find new ways of creating sounds and new musical formula's. 

While meditating in the voidness of the cosmos he starts picking up strange signals from earth. It becomes clear that people are losing their capacity to be amazed. Raskal immediately sets course back towards earth to synthesize the planet with Supersonicmusic! The following hour is the first part of the soundtrack to a magical journey through time and space... This album is based on the Moog synthesizer. It is meant to set the stage for a new era of musical exploration.



  • 1.Return Of A Cosmic Visionary
  • 2.A Sonic Wagon
  • 3.The Messenger


  • 4.Cruise Control
  • 5.Atomic Adventures
  • 6.The Last Starfighter


  • 7.Asteroids & Hidden Planets


  • 8.Mysterious Waves
  • 9.Master Of The Vortex
  • 10.El Magico Del Espacio

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