After his last release “ Supersonicmusic - part I: science report in space” (2013) Raskal The Supersoniccruiser takes you once again on a trip through time and space, in his third full album. This time the tracks have been arranged in a fusion between jazz , movie soundtracks and turntablism, taking us from the 30's through the 80's and back around. This is a blast from the past and a boomer for the future, crossing over genres and musical boundaries!



  • 1. Don Voyager. PT1
  • 2.Send Me To Earth
  • 3.The Machine
  • 4.Skit: Supersonicspacegame
  • 5.Time Travelling


  • 1.Chasing Rainbows (Original Version)
  • 2.Ecto-Modulation
  • 3.Time Is Irrelevant
  • 4.Don Voyager. PT2
  • 5.Skit: Lightning Machine

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