DJ Shadow

Joshua Paul Davis better known by his stage name DJ Shadow, is an American record producer and DJ. He first gained notice with the release of his acclaimed debut studio album, Endtroducing...... He has a personal collection of more than 60,000 records, Which immediately shows his love for music, sampling & history.

DJ Shadow's work involves manipulating samples, taking rare and seldom-heard pieces of music and reworking them into parts and phrases for his songs. Many of his tracks feature dozens of samples from a wide array of styles and influences including rock, soul, funk, experimental, electronic and jazz.

In 2015 Shadow & his good friend Cut Chemist did a world tour named 'Renegades of Rhythm': A tour showcasing both turntablists skills while playing records from Afrika Bambaataa's (the godfather of Dj-ing next to Grandmaster Flash) very own collection, which would later on be donated to the university of Cornell, USA.

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