Keep It Hid is the debut solo album by the American blues-rock musician Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, released in 2009 on Nonesuch Records. 

Mixed for Soil of the South Productions. Mastering at Yes Master. Vinyl cut to copper at Abbey Road Studios (London, England). Vinyl plated and pressed at Pallas (Diepholz, Germany). Includes CD of entire album.



  • 1.Trouble Weighs A Ton02:17
  • 2.I Want Some More03:47
  • 3.Heartbroken, In Disrepair03:21
  • 4.Because I Should00:53
  • 5.Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)04:06
  • 6.Real Desire04:23
  • 7.When The Night Comes03:56


  • 1.Mean Monsoon03:45
  • 2.The Prowl03:16
  • 3.Keep It Hid03:39
  • 4.My Last Mistake03:12
  • 5.When I Left The Room04:02
  • 6.Street Walkin'03:53
  • 7.Goin' Home04:57


  • 15.Trouble Weighs A Ton02:17
  • 16.I Want Some More03:47
  • 17.Heartbroken, In Disrepair03:21
  • 18.Because I Should00:53
  • 19.Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)04:06
  • 20.Real Desire04:23
  • 21.When The Night Comes03:56
  • 22.Mean Monsoon03:45
  • 23.The Prowl03:16
  • 24.Keep It Hid03:39
  • 25.My Last Mistake03:12
  • 26.When I Left The Room04:02
  • 27.Street Walkin'03:53
  • 28.Goin' Home04:57


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