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Zea is the first EP by one of Belgium’s most influential bands dEUS. This EP was released prior to the group’s contract with Island Records, which would herald their big international breakthrough. The title song “Zea” opens with a sample from “The Blimp” by Captain Beefheart before hitting on different experimental parts and some beautiful melodies. You’ll hear the blueprint for what later became their successful debut album Worst Case Scenario. The B-sides “Right as Rain” and “Great American Nude”, which were later re-recorded for the band’s debut album, are the other tracks featured on this EP. “Right as Rain” is a personal and emotional story about the dead of Tom Barman’s father, while “Great American Nude” got a fascination for Aleister Crowley.

The alternative rock band dEUS formed in 1991 and the two remaining members Tom Barman and Klaas Janzoons are the masterminds behind the big album successes “Worst Case Scenario”, “In a Bar, Under the Sea” and “The Ideal Crash”. 


  • 1.Zea Intro Replica00:37
  • 2.Zea05:01
  • 3.Right As Rain04:35
  • 4.Great American Nude05:45


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