The United States of America is a 1968 album by The United States of America. Produced by David Rubinson, it was released by Columbia Records in 1968. The album was the only release by The United States of America when they were still together and received positive reviews on its release, charting at 181 on the Billboard 200.


  • 10.The American Way Of Love06:38


  • 1.The American Metaphysical Circus04:55
  • 2.Hard Coming Love04:43
  • 3.Cloud Song03:18
  • 4.The Garden Of Earthly Delights02:39
  • 5.I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar03:52


  • 1.Where Is Yesterday03:07
  • 2.Coming Down02:40
  • 3.Love Song For The Dead Ché03:25
  • 4.Stranded In Time01:50


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