't Hof van Commerce is a Belgian hip hop crew from Izegem in the province West Flanders in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Their name means 'commercial court' in their local dialect. Almost all their raps/lyrics are in West Flemish, the Dutch dialect of the province of West Flanders, with the exception of some lines sung in Limburgish by DJ 4T4 or a mix between those two dialects.

Band members are Filip Cauwelier (a.k.a. Levrancier, a.k.a. Flip Kowlier), Serge Buyse (a.k.a. Dommestik, a.k.a. BZA, pronounce: buzze) and Kristof Michiels (DJ 4T4). 


  • 1.Dommestik & Levrancier (Radio Version)
  • 2.BAM!
  • 3.Zonder Totetrekkerie (Single Edit)
  • 4.Jaloes (Single Edit)
  • 5.Zonder Niet 426nC
  • 6.Dikkenekke
  • 7.Niemand Grodder
  • 8.Slaet Ip Min Gat
  • 9.Wupperbol
  • 10.Izzegem
  • 11.Truckchauffeur
  • 12.Stuntmann
  • 13.Leegaert
  • 14.Lop Mo deure
  • 15.Kom Mor Ip
  • 16.Baes (Single Edit)
  • 17.Gevaer Ip De Prairie
  • 18.Super Commerce Bros. (Single Edit)
  • 19.Gele Stylo


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