Cos was a Belgian avant-jazz-rock band that released four albums on IBC between 1974 and 1979, followed by two 1983–84 titles on Lark. 

Keyboardist Charles Loos (Abraxis/Julverne) appears on the first and third albums, Postaeolian Train Robbery and Babel

Former Placebo keyboardist Marc Moulin produced their 1976 release Viva Boma, which features sundry instrumentation from Aksak Maboul mastermind Marc Hollander.

Members: Pascale Son (vocals, oboe), Daniel Schell (guitar, flute, sound effects), Charles Loos (keyboards, piano), Marc Hollander (keyboards, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, devices), Alain Goutier (bass), Philippe Allaert (drums), Mutsari (bass)

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