Coming from Reality is the second and final studio album to date from American singer and songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, originally released by Sussex Records in 1971. 

Sixto Rodriguez, is a Detroit-born Mexican-American guitarist and singer/songwriter. 

Rodriguez released the solo album "Cold Fact" on the Sussex label in 1970. The blues-funk style of his overtly sociopolitical lyrics gained him little popularity in the US, where he once performed onstage with Hispanic activists the Brown Berets. However, his music found a resonance with a fan-base in South Africa, where he became somewhat of a cult legend



  • 1.Climb Up On My Music04:54
  • 2.A Most Disgusting Song04:49
  • 3.I Think Of You03:26
  • 4.Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour03:23
  • 5.Silver Words?02:05


  • 1.Sandrevan Lullaby-Lifestyles06:37
  • 2.To Whom It May Concern03:22
  • 3.It Started Out So Nice04:01
  • 4.Halfway Up The Stairs02:28
  • 5.Cause05:30


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