Yasuaki Shimizu

Yasuaki Shimizu (清水靖晃, Shimizu Yasuaki) (born 9 August 1954) is a Japanese composer, saxophonist and producer

Since 1981 he has composed, produced or arranged for artists as diverse as jazz vocalist Helen Merrill, composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, and DJ Towa Tei. During this time he has lived in London, Paris and Tokyo.

Shimizu’s career as a saxophone player took off in the 1970s. He released his first solo album, Get You, in 1978 and from 1980 won a following with his experimental rock band Mariah, with whom he released five albums.

Mariah’s final recording Utakata no Hibi (1983) weaved traditional Japanese festival rhythms with rock tempos and sounds. Over the same period Shimizu recorded solo albums including IQ 179 (1981) and Kakashi (1982), which built on the alternative-music foundations set down by Mariah.

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